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Total Information Risk Management Book

“Thorough, understandable, actionable. Use TIRM to create tangible business value.”
Danette McGilvray
Granite Falls Consulting Inc.

A Must Read for All Data Managers, Business Intelligence and IT Professionals

Finally, there is a systematic way to build a convincing business case for data quality, BI and IT projects.
Bad data hurts your business. This practical and comprehensive book shows you step by step how to quantify and mitigate the risk. Based on novel research at Cambridge University. Proven to be successful in many industries.

Why you should read this book

The Total Information Risk Management book provides step by step instructions to implement the TIRM process in your organization and gives illustrative examples from our studies in many different industries.

- Learn how to manage data and information for business value in your organization
– Create powerful and convincing business cases for all your data & information management, data governance, big data, datawarehousing, business intelligence and business analytics initiatives, projects and programs
– Protect your organization from risks that arise through poor data and information assets
– Quantify the impact of having poor data and information

Get the book now and start building a convincing business case for your data project.

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ISBN: 97801 24055476

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What others say about Total Information Risk Management

“While many proclaim that data and information are key assets, few know how to put that idea into action. This book combines the well-established discipline of risk management with the relatively newer discipline of data management. Connecting business value to data and information quality, the concepts, methods, and techniques are explained in an easy-to-understand manner that requires no technical background. Readers will be able to assess information risk and, most importantly, be able to take action to manage that risk. Thorough, understandable, actionable. Use TIRM to create tangible business value.”

Danette McGilvray, President, Granite Falls Consulting Inc., Recognized Data Governance and Data Quality Thought Leader

“Most organizations have an often-overlooked sweet spot, where risk management and information quality intersect and combine to significantly reduce risk and improve business performance. In this breakthrough book, Alexander Borek leads us there.”

C. Lwanga Yonke, Information Quality Practitioner, Oil & Gas

“When writing about information and data quality, most authors have focused on assessment and improvement. Approaching information quality from the perspective of risk management is a great contribution to the field because it helps to broaden and deepen the conversation in a way that address information quality value and business impact in a quantifiable way. Both IT professionals and business managers will benefit from reading this book.”

Professor John R. Talburt, Graduate Coordinator for the Information Quality Graduate Program, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

“As Big Data gets mainstream, a holistic and comprehensive approach to handle all types of data in the enterprise and its management throughout its lifecycle is needed. While the concept of information quality and its governance has been talked about a lot by many in the past, the authors of TIRM have highlighted the “Risk ” aspect of information which registers faster with both business and technology executives- as if to invoke emotions of fear. TIRM brings a transformation in the way companies would start treating their data and information assets going forward — seriously and more responsibly.”

Piyush Malik, Worldwide Big Data Analytics Center of Excellence Leader, IBM Global Services

“One of the most troublesome problems we face in data quality involves crafting and presenting powerful business cases. Alex and his group appear to be making significant breakthroughs, on at least two fronts. First, the notion of risk-based business cases. These add the probabilistic dimension to current state of the art and may prove more powerful in the eyes of decision-makers. Second is a well-defined, comprehensive, and repeatable process for assembling the case. I’m particularly heartened by the cross-fertilization of data quality with established methods of quantifying, or at least more fully defining, risks. Finally, it bears mentions that the research encourages us to push our thinking about business cases for data quality further.”

Thomas C. Redman, the Data Doc, Navesink Consulting Group

A great overview of the book has been written by Data Informed, at http://data-informed.com/assess-manage-data-risks-tirm/.

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